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Painting and decorating

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  • Painting and decorating
    VW customer centre

  • Painting and decorating
    VW customer centre

Many industrial customers and housing organisations place their trust in Franz Dietrich GmbH.

We are commissioned to shape the appearance of public spaces and offices. We bring colour to shop floors. Floor coverings, wallpaper, ceilings, indoor and outdoor paintwork bring a cosiness, create a unique style, raise the mood among staff and submerge customers in an atmosphere conducive to consumption.

Working with our customers, we can shape the interior and exterior appearance of residential buildings and commercial properties. We implement wall, floor and ceiling coverings in coordinated colours that are cleanable, scrubbable and impact-resistant.


  • ABG Holding
  • APO Bank Kassel
  • Frankfurter Aufbau AG (FAAG)
  • Staatliches Baumanagement Wilhelmshaven
  • VW Immobilien

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