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Structural protection

Even the best concrete in the world needs a "facelift" sooner or later

  • Structural protection
    Surface protection for concrete structures

  • Structural protection
    Floor coating

Concrete is the modern construction material. Nevertheless, in spite of high quality and durability damage can still occur, necessitating restoration work and additional protection.

A frequent cause of damage is corrosion of the steel reinforcement as a result of considerable carbonation depth or the intrusion of chloride (from road salt). Damage can also occur from moisture entering through cracks that then can then cause rust and frost damage. Rapid action must be taken as it is only by repairing concrete and providing corrosion protection promptly that structural safety can be guaranteed.

The right protective coating for every industrial floor

Industrial floorings are a part of the means of production. Material selection and design must match the intended loads. Their utility must be planned following engineering principles. As transport routes, storage areas, mounting surfaces for machinery and production and operating areas, industrial floorings are subject to a wide variety of demands. They have to withstand mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses on a daily basis. Resilience, slip-resistance, impermeability, cleanability and an attractive appearance are all properties that any industrial flooring used in practice needs to have.

Franz Dietrich GmbH can apply the ideal coating and sealing system to any concrete or cement screed floor. We use quality systems to deal with any type of mechanical or chemical load.


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