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Industrial paintwork

Use colour to promote your corporate image

  • Industrial paintwork
    Heating plant facade

  • Industrial paintwork
    Paintwork with company logo

  • Industrial paintwork
    Heating plant facade

We apply paintwork to conventional power stations and we have also applied decontaminable paints in the reactor area of nuclear power stations.

Industrial paintwork serves not only to protect and maintain properties; on the outer shells of buildings and plants coats of paint can also act as the advert and calling card of a company. Together, an aesthetically high quality building, colourfulness, lettering and logo form a building block in a company's Corporate Design. In this way, companies also leave a lasting brand impression on their landscape.

Inside industrial buildings, bright colours create a welcoming working atmosphere. Colours awaken and inspire the attentiveness of employees, visitors and customers, generate affinity and warn of danger zones.

Paints for protection and design

We preserve the value of your industrial buildings and plants for the long term, with carefully harmonised systems for cleaning, re-profiling and priming, right through to painting, coating and sealing.

Franz Dietrich GmbH applies industrial paintwork to almost all surfaces including steel, concrete, cement screed, etc. under all climatic conditions, and brings together the most diverse surfaces to produce a uniform look.

The expertise of our qualified personnel and decades of experience in all important system applications guarantee that we optimally fulfil even unusual, building-specific and design-related wishes.

Systems for protection against graffiti

Graffiti attacks spoil the appearance of a building. Even worse: These attacks constitute damage to property. New facades can be protected with anti-graffiti coating systems. These protective coatings are tailored to the respective base surface, are quick and easy to apply, and offer long-term protection against unwelcome paint jobs and the effects of weather.


  • Bosch
  • Continental
  • Various automotive manufacturers
  • EADS
  • Salzgitter AG